Aquatic Survey and Monitoring Ltd.


ASML is a co-operative consortium and a company limited by guarantee. Formed in 2001, we are an amalgamation of four independent marine biological consultancies:

Aquatic Environments (Tom Mercer)

CALM (Jon Moore)

Christine Howson

Marine Seen (Francis Bunker).

These businesses have worked closely together over the past 15 years on many contracts for UK nature conservation agencies, government departments, larger consultancies, power companies and other private industries. The group members have a considerable breadth of experience in marine ecological surveys gained through involvement in projects located all around the British Isles coast. This work has included numerous intertidal and subtidal ecological surveys as well as surveillance and monitoring of marine habitats.  A wide variety of survey techniques are used including in situ diver/surveyor recording, remote grab samplers, drop-down video, stills photography and hand held video.  The team are especially recognised for their marine identification skills, both in the field and in the laboratory and their considerable knowledge of the marine environment.  Other areas of work experience include on-board client representation, environmental impact assessments, offshore macrobenthic surveys, marine algal and faunal taxonomy, analytical quality control, marine mammal observer trained, freshwater fisheries, crayfish and macrophytes surveys, data analysis, literature searches and report writing.  ASML is a registered HSE diving contractor and is currently involved in a number of projects throughout the United Kingdom.

Company Registration No. 4279849

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Aquatic Survey and Monitoring Ltd